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Designer, singer, media figure. Throughout my career I have worn several hats, often at the same time. But one constant in everything I do is that I want to bring joy, color and fun to people. And from the reactions I get, I notice that that mission usually succeeds.

Whether I go viral with a boxer shorts line as a protest against Putin - surprisingly relevant again these days -, design coffee mugs for Godiva, make dresses for Belgian divas, propose collections at the Hong Kong Design Week or stand behind the stove in 'Come Dine With Me', entertaining people is my first nature.

As a modern homo universalis I combine all my passions and talents. For me that is self-evident, it gives me positive energy. Still, as a Renaissance man, I sometimes feel misunderstood today. As if having more than one talent is experienced as too greedy.

Fortunately, I don't care too much about what others think of me - another talent of mine - and I follow my own course. With my finger on the pulse of popular culture, media and society, that is. Creativity, an open mind, passion and honesty are my main weapons.

Would you like a preview? Feel free to open my media drawer.

“Kristof Buntinx 'creations are fresh and daring.” 

—  VRT News.

“Brussels most eccentric designer'

and 'fashion artist.”​


Kristof Buntinx

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