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For investors


As a 'struggling artist' I know all too well that making fashion is expensive. Very expensive. So expensive, in fact, that an investor is not an unnecessary luxury.


I have been designing, marketing, promoting and selling my own designs for more than a decade, solo and with a very small budget. I am only helped by an army of freelancers with all kinds of specialties, from photography and drawing to copywriting. Each and every one of them professionals that I can count on, but who at the same time have to compensate with the same micro budget.


Despite these difficult circumstances, I already regularly made the media and I am a welcome guest on talk shows and programs of all kinds. So imagine what I could do with a bigger budget. Ten, a hundred or even a thousand times what I'm working with now. Such financial leverage would allow me to achieve phenomenal things. The real Kristof Buntinx will stand up!


But to unlock that next level, I need a doorman, a gatekeeper with the key to being profitable.


Do you know or are you such a doorkeeper with the know-how and the budget to achieve great things together with me? Can't wait to use not only your knowledge of fashion, design and media companies but also your cold hard cash?


In return you are an important link in my artistic process, thanks to the financial peace you give me to be my best self. You are part of an exciting - and with your help soon thriving - high-tech, ecologically conscious micro-factory with me at the artistic helm. A Maison that stands out from anything else.


Do you want to be part of the future? Do not hesitate and contact me for more information and collaborations without obligation via

Let's work together!

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