Kristof Buntinx is an eccentric couturier from Brussels. With his unique creations he has been making the world a more beautiful and colourful place for more than 20 years. The multitalented fashion designer also loves music and with the summer approaching, he is releasing a catchy song: ‘Missing Link’.


We can finally start to relax after some of the most bizarre months of the past 70 years. Someone who is not thinking about chilling out and idling about is Kristof Buntinx, the Brussels designer who still has a suitcase full of musical gems. And he is releasing one of them: 'Missing Link'.


The extravagant Belgian usually designs and sells clothing, bags, hats, jewellery and home accessories. Quirky - often even visionary - he goes his own way. A few years ago, he angered Vladimir Putin with some pro-gay boxer shorts, which protested the Russian president's gay politics. With his Dustbin Lid-hat he created a furore on Royal Ascot, the most famous horse race in the world. Kristof made crown jewels for the Belgian queen Paola, made of everyday coins. And for the most popular Flemish singer, Dana Winner, he designed a high-tech cybercouture dress with 6000 LED lights and a price tag of 77,000 euros. 


Kristof Buntinx - as surreal as the famous painter René Magritte - also has a passion for music. As a boy, he sang with his mother in the church choir, conducted by his father. And as he went through hard times, it was music therapy that got him back on top and made him discover his own musical talent. He wrote the song 'Missing Link', about … artificial insemination. It's a theme that other artists usually don't tackle. 'Missing Link' perfectly fits the summer: it will make you instantly happy. The music is as festive and up-tempo as any sperm that wants to reach the egg-cell first.

Kristof Buntinx likes to send a message through his lyrics. Initially, he made objections to artificially conceiving children, but after meeting somebody with a son who was born after artificial insemination, he quickly changed his mind. Buntinx knows how to deliver a message in a fresh and cheerful way, which shows his craftsmanship.

Bring on the 2020 summer holidays. 'Missing Link' is one of the songs that deserve to be part of your summer soundtrack!

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